Daily Price Action Forex Course

Daily Price Action Forex Course

Learn to Trade Forex Like a Fund Manager

There’s a reason why the likes of George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Bill Lipschutz do not bother themselves with all the 5 or 15-minute graphs — it is because they understand that the actual money is about the daily time period and higher, that’s the specific strategy I teach in my program.

Module 1

The class includes 9 modules with each module talking a particular section about cost actions.

A concise summary about different subjects covered in the first paragraph is provided below:

working with the Right Charts

within this chapter, Justin emphasized the importance of five-day graphs. He clarified, with the aid of illustrations, how an erroneous graph (with Sunday candles) can mess up your technical evaluation.

Setting Up Your Records

This trainer teaches you how you can establish a graph, i.e. choosing colors for various candles, desktop and pubs.

Currency Pairs to See

Justin shared a listing of 26 money pairs he believes best for trading. He also gave a few ideas to newbie traders concerning the choice of a set. We did think it was odd that he’s advocating 26 pairs which newcomer traders must watch. We believed that this was somewhat overboard since most novice traders can’t effectively track so numerous pairs.

Module Two

The next module is about picking time-frames.


Within this chapter, Justin clarifies the importance of just using greater time-frames, which we believed put him right into a particular’camp’ of teachers teaching exactly the exact same thing. We did not find any persuasive reasons here, however, believed it had been an honest effort.

Module Three

This module talks about identifying daily amounts with the assistance of different price action procedures.

Utilizing Weekly Pin Bars to recognize Daily Amounts

inside this lesson, Justin teaches a method about utilizing weekly trap bars for daily important levels. The lesson also contains a brief video.

Dynamic Support/Resistance

The coach explains how moving averages may be used to recognize dynamic resistance and support levels. The lesson covers all about moving averages. He can use the exact same moving averages like Nial Fuller (out of Learn to Trade the Market), but additionally adds a couple more.

Cost and Time

In this lesson, Justin rolls swing evaluation and the way that cost action approaches a degree, but there isn’t much depth here.

Identifying Apartment Amounts

This lesson is made up of 2 movies where Justin demonstrated various techniques for identifying crucial horizontal resistance and support levels.

Module 4

The fourth module covers all about the trap bars. Following are the primary lessons of the module:

In this lesson, Justin educates the features of pin bars with the support of a graphical example.

Here the trainer explains ways of entering and leaving the marketplace whilst trading trap bars. He revealed everything with the assistance of great graphical examples.

Trend Line Breaks

Justin explains the value of fashion lines in price action trading and the way that fashion line breaks can offer helpful PA info.

Module 5

This module is all about inside pubs.

Rules of Trading Within Bar Setups

This lesson covers the principles which needs to be followed while trading the interior bar exchange configurations. The principles are clarified with the support of illustrations and graphical examples.

Inside pub entrance and exit strategy

In this lesson, Justin describes how to exchange interior bar setups. He exemplified various entrance and exit strategies with the assistance of graphs.

Module 6

Within this brief module, Justin covers all regarding the confluence levels and their efficacy in trading. Listed here are the two comprehensive lessons contained within this module.

Here, Justin clarifies the principal confluence variables which needs to be considered before determining if or not a trade installation is of any value or not.

Module 7

This module talks concerning the hazard management approaches you might use to enhance your profit potential.

A Suitable Risk-Reward Ratio

This lesson describes the significance of risk-reward ratio and also the best way to find it out for a specific trade.

Module 8

Within this module, Justin is speaking about trend evaluation. This module consists of the following classes:

Trends and Time-frames

This Justin instructs how to utilize a variety of time-frames while differentiating a tendency for possible trade setups.

Highs and Lows

In this lesson, the trainer explains the way the trend can be recognized visually by simply assessing swing highs and swing lows.

Module 9

Justin has given module 9 for various complex degree lessons and proceeds to add new classes occasionally. Presently, You’ll Find Both of These classes in this module:

Measured move

This lesson says what a quantified move is and the way you may use it to forecast future movements at a cost pattern, although we have seen little evidence to support the concepts.

Wedge Breaks

The lesson includes a brief video which virtually shows the wedge trading. We really did not find much difference here than is normally found in almost any google search.

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